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Embers Bookmarks

Northern Embers Art is excited to announce the opening of our new Etsy Shop, Embers Bookmarks! Here you will be able to view and purchase from a selection of over 400 individual bookmark designs and themes.

Our hand drawn and burned wooden bookmarks are made from Maple, Cherry, Oak, Ash, Birch, and Cedar. By adhering two fine veneers of wood together this creates a very thin, flexible and durable canvas on which to create my wood burnings.

One of a kind beautiful bookmarks that make a personal and long lasting gift for all ages.



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Hundreds of unique Designs
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You can add a beautiful hand drawn and burned personalization to the back of any bookmark!

If you are interested in having me design a completely customized bookmark for your book club, work event, party, gift etc... please contact me at don@northernembersart.com and I would love to help.



Personalized Wooden bookmark
Embers handmade Bookmark
Custom Wood bookbarks- EmbersBookmarks